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Wood Floor Repairs

Even if you hate to admit it, the older the floors get, the more problematic it becomes. As time goes by, you will realize that the floors no longer look or function the same way as before. Lucky for you, Wood Floor and Beyond can help you fix all types of flooring problems.


Hardwood floors are known to be durable and long lasting. However, you should understand the fact that this type of flooring is also subject to wear and tear just like any other type of flooring that we have today.

In the event that you have noticed some blemishes and spots in your floor or you keep on hearing squeaks while you walk, over it, then you should call Wood Floor and Beyond to avail of our high quality wood floor repairs.

Being in the flooring industry for over a few decades, we have encountered all flooring problems imaginable. From structural damage to surface damage, we have seen and fixed it all. Using hardwood floors does come with all types of problems. But guess what? We have already discovered all solutions to each and every problem that you may encounter.

Our NYC wood floor repair technicians know just what to do, what product to use, what technique to implement and what types of repair services you need to restore your old flooring back to life.

If you think your wooden floor could use some repairs, we are here to give them the repair that they need. We offer a wide array of floor repair services including water damage repairs, sanding, re-sealing, re-staining, plank and board replacement as well as filling gouges with the use of a wood putty.

No wood floor problem will ever be difficult for us to handle. Whether it is squeaks, blemishes, spots or marks, we can repair it for you! Do not hesitate to call us now. Our flooring experts are here to provide you with a no-cost obligation free on-site estimate along with a free consultation. Get in touch!

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