Hardwood Floor Refinishing

REFINISHING service will make your floor look shiny than ever.

Refinishing is comprised of three types of services including sanding, polishing and staining. If you have dull and uneven wooden flooring, this service will definitely bring back the beauty to your floors. This is also the service of choice if your wooden floors squeak when you walk on it.


Are your hardwood floors starting to look boring and lackluster? Do you have this need to fill your home with rugs just so you can conceal its ugly look? 

Well, Wood Floor and Beyond has just the perfect solution for your dilemma. 

At Wood Floor and Beyond, we offer wood floor refinishing service that takes into account your lifestyle as well as the aesthetic appeal of your home. More than that, we take pride in implementing minimally invasive techniques that will make the entire refinishing process as simple, efficient and convenient as possible.

Our floor REFINISHING experts follow a strict procedure that adheres to our company’s high quality of standards.

First off, we sand the floor in order to remove any old marks and scratches and to smooth out the entire floor.

Second, we stain the wood using the color of your choice. We offer different types of wood stains that you can choose from. This is the perfect time for you to get creative and to find the stain that will enhance the look and feel of your floors. We end the entire process by polishing your floors with the use of top coat in order to add shine and provide protection from possible marks and blemishes.

If you are ready to breathe new life to and uncover the truest potential of your hardwood floors, the hardwood floor refinishing service that we offer to the different establishments all over New York City is just exactly what you are looking for.

With the wood floor refinishing services that Wood Floor and Beyond offers, you do not have to be embarrassed by your floors anymore! Avail of our services now and your guests will think that you have had new floors installed. Call us now and enjoy our free on-site estimate!

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